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How do you feel?

Well pretty darn good! I was quite amazed to win a second time

How will you be celebrating your win?

We are going to buy a new vehicle - a grand caravan or a Honda van for travelling. With my first lot of winnings we bought all new appliances for the kitchen and took a trip. It's been a lovely year; we are feeling very, very blessed.

What is it about that Cash Splash 5 Reel that you enjoy?

Well besides that fact that I won on it before, it's a high win game. You're always winning even if it's just $1 or $2. The game has good graphics and gives you your money's worth, and I have a lot of fun playing it.

Why did you decide to play that day? Did you feel something; know that you were going to win?

I felt very strongly that the jackpot was going to go off – whether or not it was for me I didn't know, but just the way things were lining up I had a feeling and it seemed like I had a good chance at it.

The symbols – oh yes – I knew when they started to land – they go from left to right and when they started to land it was just like COME ON! COME ON! COME ON! When the first three landed, I knew I had a real chance.

Who did you tell first and what was their reaction?

I went and woke up my husband and I showed him the YOU'VE WON A JACKPOT screen on my tablet and went back to the win page. He was delighted, and said, "I can't believe you've done this again!"

What do you enjoy the most of playing at our Zodiac Casino?

My first win I won in October – I was in a state of disbelief – oh this is too good to be true state of mind. This time is much lovelier because I know you are wonderful and that I will receive all my money – I'm thrilled! Play to have fun – because it is just the luck of the way the symbols fall.

Zodiac Casino is the real deal!

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