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Hitting one of the Progressive Jackpots at a Casino Rewards Member Casinocould transform you into a multi-millionaire overnight! Some of our biggest winnersactually hit jackpots using bonus money that we had given them!!

Read about our players' life-changing wins in their own words below.Then play and see if you can be the next Casino Rewards Millionaire!

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"Holy smokes! I’m going to throw up! It’s such an adrenaline rush!"

K.T. has a pretty busy life. She works two jobs, studies part time and often barely has time to catch her breath. After a tough day at her job in a bank, she decided to try something a little different. With no expectations, K.T. clicked on Grand Mondial Casino and what happened next is beautifully brilliant…

Having played traditional slot machines in her local pub, she knew she really loved the thrill of spinning the reels, but playing online was not something she was used to. Her sister had recommended that she try Grand Mondial Casino’s brilliant sign up offer of 150 chances and so she thought she would give it a try.

Grand Mondial Casino was her first experience of playing online, and what an experience it was! K.T. joined the casino on the 15th of November, and became Casino Rewards’ third millionaire this year… the very same day! Mega Moolah was the first game that K.T. went to, and when she saw the white Mega Moolah paw on the bonus wheel she knew she had to give it a go. One spin and suddenly, K.T. won $1.4 million!

When we called K.T. it was very emotional:


This can’t be a thing! This is unreal! I had to keep checking and call my sister! There has been a lot of laughing and crying! The first thing she said was that I really deserve this!

My grandpa always played the lotto every day saying he would win. I’ve been speaking to him, saying “I just want to win grandpa!”. I never believed that this would happen! He’s watching over me.

Grand Mondial Casino has opened to a whole new door to another world. It’s tacky but so true! Holy smokes! I’m going to throw up!


Never having had this kind of money before, our lucky winner is going to a financial planner straight away! K.T. is determined to share her good luck amongst her family and friends, and treat her long distance boyfriend with some more trips. She loves to travel, so she will use her winnings to go on some great holidays, but what will probably make the biggest difference, is that she can now study full time! With the peace of mind knowing that her funds are quickly and safely on their way thanks to our skilled and secure payments team, K.T. has so much to look forward to!

We asked K.T. how she felt about Grand Mondial Casino and she gave us this great response:


I love the comfort of playing at my own home, it’s convenient, easy, they have been amazing with any concerns, so patient, and the service is great! I read really good reviews and overall it’s been awesome!


We absolutely love hearing life-changing stories like this, those that really pull on the heartstrings and make your hair stand on end, knowing that moments like this really do happen.

Winners truly are made. Million dollar jackpots are not just a dream. And Casino Rewards is where it all begins.

Do you have a similar back story to K.T.? Do you think it’s your turn too to win big? Try us out now!


N.C. bet only 50 cents and went on to win an incredible $8,453,754.28 playing Mega Moolah in Captain Cooks Casino!

"So it's real? I don't believe it!"

On the 16th of January 2017, N.C was playing on his mobile when he hit the Mega Moolah jackpot and became one of our newest ecstatic multimillionaires! He made a bet of only 50 cents, and when the Mega Moolah jackpot wheel appeared before him to reveal he had won $8,453,754.28, he could hardly believe what was happening:

So it's real? I don't believe it!
I can assure you, it's very real!
My God! Wow! It's just incredible.
You are now a multimillionaire!
It's such an amazing feeling!
Who will you tell first?
My dad, I'm going to tell my dad.
He will be so shocked!

What was the reason you played today
and what would you say about Captain Cooks Casino?

Just for fun! Captain Cooks is awesome!

N.C. could not believe his luck, and jumped straight online to speak to our skilled 24/7 support team, who reassured him of his win and that he certainly would be receiving that 7 figure prize very soon!

Winning this astounding amount will certainly change N.C.'s life and might even give them a very early retirement! Upon receiving his winnings, he took off on a luxurious trip to Jamaica to kick his new life off in style, and we are sure he will have the best time wherever his next destination might be.


D.P. won a record-breaking $11,610,536.59 on Mega Moolah at Zodiac Casino - the biggest jackpot ever won on a mobile device!

"I decided to call the Customer Support Team. When I got through I was a bit flustered and I asked the operator, 'I think I am the winner of a big million dollars, is it true or not?' The operator assured me that it was true and that it was time to crack open the champagne!"

That day was a Sunday, and I was waiting as my husband made us dinner. While I waited, I said to myself, "Why not have a go playing online to see if I will be lucky today?" I had about an hour to kill, so I went straight to Mega Moolah.

On that incredible day, I was sitting in my living room, simply playing and looking out the window, I wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary. I remember my husband finally yelled out to me, "Dinner's ready, are you coming to eat?" I said, "Yes, just a moment". I hit spin, the wheel appeared, and then, incredible but true; I HIT THE JACKPOT - $11.6 million!

I started screaming, crying and running all around the house! I thought, "It's incredible, it's not possible, could I be a multi-millionaire??" My husband didn't believe me, and he kept saying it was impossible that anyone could win that much money online. I told him, "All our troubles are gone!"

I decided to call the Customer Support Team. When I got through I was a bit flustered and I asked the operator, 'I think I am the winner of a big million dollars, is it true or not?" The operator assured me that it was true and that it was time to crack open the champagne!

I'm a big believer in the power of positive thinking and what you put out you get back. A couple of years ago, I wrote out a cheque from the 'Bank of the Universe' for the amount of $1 million dollars - payable to me. I stuck it on my wall, and I told myself, "Yes, one day you will be a millionaire", and now, I'm a multi-millionaire!

I want to treat my kids, my grandkids and take care of my family, treating them to some things that we couldn't do before. I also have some real estate investment projects planned and of course, travel. I had been planning to retire in 5-6 years, but now thanks to my win, both me and my husband have been able to retire early.

Everyone out there has a chance to win; as long as you believe in it and you stay positive, you too will have this chance. I believed it, and now it has happened!

Following my win, I had impeccable service which made me feel safe and secure throughout the whole process of withdrawing the winnings to my account. When I won, I called their toll free number, and someone answered immediately at the other end, it didn't even take 30 seconds before they answered! Now I always recommend Zodiac Casino to everyone because I loved how I was treated and the quality of all the information I received.


G.M. won $3,905,087 on Mega Moolah at Quatro Casino!

"Casino Rewards has changed my life in every way possible. It's just crazy. I'll absolutely keep playing Mega Moolah."

I'd just finished work so I was just sitting at home and playing, having a little fun. I'd got a CD in the mail that gave me a little bonus, so I thought I'd give it a go. I was looking at the games and I looked at Mega Moolah and thought to myself, you know... I'm gonna hit that.

I didn't spin many times when I hit. When I hit the jackpot, I just stared at my screen, then stared at the jackpot and at my account. I stared at it for what seemed like forever. Then it hit me and I started doing a dance and hootin' and hollerin' - it was crazy!

The first thing that enters your mind is, is this real?! You just can't believe it.

I was only hoping for just a $15 win, but then the Mega Moolah Bonus Game opened, and the big wheel stopped on the one jackpot spot - I'd won!

I was wondering, is this really going to be paid out? I didn't want to tell anyone but I was so excited so I phoned my son. We were both just stammering away on the phone, going crazy. It was very exciting.

I contacted Casino Rewards within the first half hour and they were great. They helped calmed me down and told me it was real, but you just still can't believe it. After the win, there's no sleeping! I spent a week wondering if it was real.

When you win, so many things go through your head about what to do with the money. I'm going to go on vacation for a while and maybe buy some toys when I get back. I've also put some money into my son finishing his carpentry school and we might do something together with houses.

Casino Rewards has changed my life in every way possible. It's just crazy. I'll absolutely keep playing Mega Moolah.

I play it for fun, and that's what I was doing when I won - playing for fun. That's why I play. It's just fun for me.

My advice to the millions of other Casino Rewards players is this: as long as you're having fun at it, you never know, it may happen to you. It's true, it happens. Here I am!


I.R. won $3,390,332 playing Mega Moolah on her mobile phone at Golden Tiger Casino!

"I'll definitely keep playing Mega Moolah as it'll go off at any time. You don't have to play the maximum - you can play the minimum and still win the jackpot."

On the night of the win, I was at my mum's house and had some childhood girlfriends visiting and we were having a couple of glasses of wine. When they left, I was a little bored, so I opened up Golden Tiger Casino on my phone to play some slots.

I played Thunderstruck II, Avalon, Cashapillar and Agent Jane Blonde. Then I decided to play on Mega Moolah.

After a few spins, that's when it happened. The Mega Moolah jackpot wheel came down on the screen, I clicked the wheel with my finger to stop it spinning, put my phone on the table and went to the bathroom. Then I came back, turned my phone back on, and I seriously thought I was hallucinating as there were just a whole bunch of digits! I couldn't believe it!

I thought maybe there was something wrong; I thought it was meant to be $30 or maybe $300... but never $3 million. I thought there had been a mistake.

The funny thing is, from a few weeks before, I just knew I was going to win something really big. I even told my friends, I think I'm going to win a house... but this is so much better than a house!

The first thing I did immediately after I won the jackpot was to screenshot the jackpot, then screenshot my account page, then phone Casino Rewards. I was actually embarrassed as I thought they'd say I only had $30 in my account. I told the support girl my account number and she told me "it appears you won a jackpot. Your host Anthony will call you in the morning!"

My mum was sleeping so I didn't wake her up as I still didn't believe it. I went to sleep and woke up the next day and thought I'd had a dream, so I went to check my phone... but the money was still there.

With my winnings, I think I'll invest in a little real estate. I've already bought a nice new SUV so I can get up to the mountains easier. I've also booked a Mexico trip - I'm going to take my daughter to an all-inclusive resort during Spring Break. I'm going to clear my debt and my mum's debt and keep putting money in her account. Some of my close friends have debt too so I'll clear that, and I'm going to put some money into charities too.

Now I can get those more expensive organic fruits and don't have go coupon clipping anymore!


A.D. won €3,841,871.46 on Mega Moolah off a 50 cent bet!

"I like to play online because it's convenient, you can play from home. It's like a hobby, and at the same time you can win something."

My win was a beautiful memory, a beautiful memory indeed... it was not long ago, so it's still quite vivid. I played, the jackpot screen opened, the wheel was spinning, there were a few segments on which it could have stopped, but that was exceptional and I thought that that could not happen to me, but it did. It was night, around 9.30pm. I could not believe it, at first, then I called to make sure, because I thought it could be an error... but it wasn't! I stayed there for I don't know how long, staring at the ceiling and thinking lots of things.

The first person I called was my girlfriend. How I plan to spend my money? First of all I will give something to charity, which is always a good thing; then I will help a few persons close to me, some relatives and my girlfriend. Then who knows, I still don't have any particular whim, except for some more travelling, that's for sure. I may never stop working... I may have some other people working for me... basically I'm not in a great hurry to spend this money.

I like to play online because it's convenient, you can play from home. It's like a hobby, and at the same time you can win something.

I like the regularity and the service is good at Casino Rewards: if you need, there's always someone available to assist you, so it becomes something very normal, like playing at home. If I need, they're there 24/7, the assistance is there, and that is very important. I will keep playing of course! If you are meant to win you will... even small amounts!


K.E. won $5,556,753.68 on Mega Moolah at Blackjack Ballroom off a 50 cent bet!

"Just one spin was all it took to transform him into a multi-millionaire, winning a jaw-dropping $5,556,753.68 in a couple of seconds!"

Klaus E. from Finland will never forget the day that he decided to place a 50 cent bet on the Mega Moolah Progressive Video Slot at Blackjack Ballroom.

Just one spin was all it took to transform him into a multi-millionaire, winning a jaw-dropping $5,556,753.68 in a couple of seconds!

Klaus and his fiancée were flown out to Sydney, Australia, where representatives from Blackjack Ballroom entertained them at fine dining restaurants, took them sightseeing and most importantly, awarded Klaus with his enormous prize cheque!


A.F. won $1,009,402.70 on the Major Millions 5 Reel Progressive Jackpot using his Mobile Phone!

"The jackpot was over a million dollars, and I was using free money, so I had nothing to lose!"

It was the first time I'd played Luxury Casino using my iPhone. Normally I use my computer, but I love being able to play outside. The casino had sent me a $50 gift for my birthday, so I decided to use it to place some bets on my favourite game Major Millions.

The jackpot was over a million dollars, and I was using free money, so I had nothing to lose!

2 minutes later and the reels started flashing and the bells started ringing... I couldn't believe it! I'm going to buy a new house with the money I won!