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What was the first emotion you felt when you saw you’d won the jackpot?

I felt strange, bizarre. I was unsure, I checked a day later and it was true, I had won.

How are you going to celebrate?

I have no idea yet. I will probably save it, we never know what could happen.

What made you decide to play that day?

I played because I received a 50 bonus and I used a promotion.

Who did you tell first and what was their reaction?

My partner. She was happy, like me we will be happier when we see the amount in my bank account. We are like St Thomas, we believe what we can see.

Who would you like to spoil with this win?

Me 1st ☺

What does winning this amount mean to you?

It is huge, I have never won a big amount like it.

How did you start to play in online casinos?

A work colleague showed me the casino because we were often away on business. I prefer online casinos because of the bonuses and the casino close to my place is not fantastic.

What is your favourite part of playing at Grand Hotel ?

I like the bonus and the games.

You won playing on Tally Ho, what is about this game you love the most?

I liked Tally Ho (even before winning) because I get bonuses and there are not a lot of paylines. I don’t like when there are too many lines.

One final line: Could you please complete this sentence: “Grand Hotel Casino is…….”

“With Grand Hotel Casino everything’s more beautiful ‘’.

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