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How did you come across Captain Cooks Casino?

Well actually I signed up before but I didn’t follow through. I was sitting here and thought I might as well try it out. It said I won the Jackpot but I didn’t believe it.

How are you feeling?

I’m still in disbelief!

Are you going to celebrate today?

Yes we are.

How will you be celebrating your win?

We will just probably have drinks at home. You’ve just made our day!

Did you enjoy your experience at Captain Cooks Casino?

For the short time, I did.

You won playing on Mega Moolah, what is it about that game you enjoy?

It was the first game that came up.

Do you remember what happened when you placed the winning bet?

No I just carried on playing. It came up with the spins and I just let it spin. And then when it stopped it did say something about a jackpot but when I looked at the credit I bought it had just given me points to play with. I didn’t realise it was for $10 000.

You said your husband is sitting beside you and he didn’t believe you?

He believes me now.

And how did he react?

Unbelievable. He’s going on holiday now. You have really, really made our day.

Have you played at an online casino before?

No, not online, no.

Would you have any tips or tricks for our players?

I suppose you just have to believe you’re going to win.

Could you please complete this sentence? Captain Cooks Casino…

Captain Cooks Casino you’ve made my day. And thanks very much.

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