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First of all, it’s a great amount that I can see is coming your way. How are you feeling about that?

I’m feeling very good.

I can only imagine, I wish I had that coming to me! Do you have any plans for your big win?

Well, not exactly right now.

No? You still have time to think about it, I guess.

Yea, for sure.

Have you told anybody about your win yet or are you keeping it a secret?

Well actually I told my wife, my daughter, those are the only two.

What was their reaction when you told them?

Very excited.

I can imagine, maybe go on a nice holiday with them, I guess?

Well yea, because actually with some of the smaller winnings I was just keeping it a secret and I said if I win big I’m going to let them know.

Yea, well I can see when we first contacted you, you’d won up to about 30,000 and now you’ve got that up to 50,000 which is pretty incredible so I mean I bet they’re over the moon with that.

Well actually, the first night, I got a big win, and then it kept going to super big and then it went to super mega and then it went to mega and I was like “What is this?!” I’ve never seen it before. What happened was that I was studying Adventure Palace as well as Casino Rewards Millionaires Club, and I kinda wanted to know how this thing thinks, and when I realised that if I play $11 I can win $500, so it’s not always the amount, it’s actually the setting. Whatever it comes to can make you win big. What I did find was that when I got right up there, like right now I have $4,927 so I can probably play $250 or $450 and see what it does. And then sometimes what I will do is let it play automatically for ten spins and it would kind of do a good thing there! But I will see where it goes. I went down to $14,000 and then I came all the way back up!

What was your reaction yourself when you first saw that on your screen? Did you jump up and down or were you sitting there in shock?

I’ll tell you what happened. At one point I got this amazing round where instead of 3 it was 4 and I was like “look at that!”. This thing is amazing because it does something different all the time. It just blew me away. You can easily experiment.

Did you happen to take a screenshot of your win or anything like that?

I did before but I didn’t this time, no.

I guess you were way too excited! So you play most often at Zodiac Casino, what is it that you like the most about playing at Zodiac?

To be honest, there are four games that I play. The Mega Moolah, Big Kahuna - Snakes and Ladders, Adventure Palace and Casino Rewards Millionaires Club.

Was there any particular reason you decided to play the slots that day?

Maybe it’s just me but on a Friday or on a weekend it just seems to be different.

You just seem to be luckier towards the weekend?

Well, sometimes I just have a gut feeling and I say let me go on!

Yea some people are like that! They say they were just feeling it and it just happened.

Yea, don’t go on with over hoping, just go on and just play.

Yea, play for fun, definitely.

Like I said, the key thing is patience. I kind of go between Adventure Palace and Casino Rewards Millionaires Club.

I know you kind of bounce around between the Casino Rewards Millionaires Club and other games, but is there anything about this game that you like in particular, or why you play these few games?

Well, it’s real money, it’s right on it, but I get excited when I see the amount, the big win, it just blows my mind!

Yea I can imagine! We just have one final question. If there was just one line or sentence that you could say about Zodiac Casino, what would it be?

They’re fantastic, and do you know why? What I’m doing right now with you. It allows me to know that it’s sure, I have confidence in it, and I feel that this site is safe.

Well hopefully we get some more nice big wins for you!

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