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First of all, how do you feel?

Good. I did not expect this and was a bit sceptical as well. I read it again to be sure. It does not often happen that you get something for free.

How will you be celebrating your win today?

We will celebrate in a way as we want to pay off some debts. We have two children, so we will, allow ourselves a nice weekend together. We own a house and we will invest the money in the house as well.

What do you enjoy most about playing at Luxury Casino?

It is very easy to use and I really like the chat. Where else can you ask questions if you have them? For the amount you deposit you get great chances to win. This is not fake, you realise this right from the start.

Yesterday I used the chat because I was not sure about something and there were two colleagues on chat and they were very professional and not annoyed because I did not understand everything right from the start.

You won playing Mega Moolah, what is it about this game that you enjoy most?

My husband was most sceptical that is why he used my phone to play. He is often away for work which is why I play more often. He was very surprised when I told him on the weekend that I won a large amount of money. He could not believe it until I showed him the screen.

I like on Mega Moolah that you can change the size of your bets. You can change the bet and can win like this. I really like this and this game is the most fun. I made a statistic for myself and realised that at least with every third spin you win something, even if it is only a small win.

Any specific reason why you were playing that day?

I read on Facebook regarding a bonus and I thought that I would try again. There is nothing to lose. It took about 15 minutes until I won the jackpot.

What happened when you placed the winning bet? Do you remember the combination of symbols that was on your screen?

I can't remember. I was excited I wanted to scream but I couldn't because my son was sleeping. I wanted to cry and was unsure if I should call someone. I did not really know what to do at that moment.

Who did you tell first and what was their reaction?

When my husband came back from work on Friday I told him about the win. He was very sceptical and did not believe it. Then I showed him everything and then he started to believe it.

Do you have any plans on how to use your winnings?

We have to repair the car and spend some money on the house; maybe we can buy a new car for the family. We will see but we want to use the money. It came at the right moment.

What would you say to our players? Any tips or tricks?

Try it! It is worth a shot!

One final line: Could you please complete this sentence: "Luxury Casino..."

.....is really great if you want to try your luck.

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