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It’s so incredible, I just recently joined the casino. Your casino site is awesome; I register then I win right away. I’m going to tell my friend as he came over last week to help me build my computer, and showed me your casino. He saw that a woman won around $300,000 and said, "We need to try this!" We played together for a bit, but I kept playing during the week.

I was playing a few spins before bed. I had already won a good sum. I was tired but I kept going because I felt the slot was going well. I was about to stop playing and then I won the jackpot - it was magical.

I really want to buy a car and splurge here and there. I told my friend first, he was very surprised and didn’t believe me. He thinks I’m very lucky and said, "I show you the game but you’re the one who wins!"

I’ve been enjoying my experience. I’ve played a few games, there is a good variety. Before my win on Mega Moolah, I had been lucky on Frozen Diamonds. My balance was up to $1,300 I only deposited $80 or so. After a while, I thought to myself I should try Mega Moolah. It was the first time I played it too, I didn’t know that game before registering at Captain Cooks Casino. I like the concept of Mega Moolah along with the bonuses and the music during the bonus wheel – it makes you feel as if you are in the African jungle. When you hit the wheel, you know you have a chance of winning big.

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