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How do you feel?

Still in shock; never won anything like this. It's pretty amazing, and I'm still collecting my thoughts.

Do you normally play or is this a one-time thing and suddenly poof!

Well yeah, I mean I usually go on cruises depending on where I'm at. If there is a casino, I'll go and play a little bit. Here and there some slots, blackjack and random things. I read all the success stories from Zodiac Casino, and I thought, "Maybe I can be one of those people and sure thing it became real."

So soon after the New Year! Must be a good start

A good start to the year so far. I had saved up some money last year, and I wanted to travel more. This year, I was planning on going on some trips, so now that's definitely going to happen. I just need to figure out where I'm gonna go.

How will you be celebrating your win?

I have a house that I need to put money into. I'm going to put money into the things that need to get done, save a little bit and pay for the trip.

Are you going to take a day off work or something? That's what I would do.

I've got some friends coming into town in February; I'll probably go out with them, show them a good time and have a little extra fun now that I have the money for that.

What do you enjoy the most about playing at Zodiac Casino?

The variety of games. If I was feeling in the mood for some blackjack, poker, I can do that. I jump between a few of the slots.

Was there any specific reason that you were playing on that day? Did you feel something, knew that you were going to win?

Not necessarily at first, I was laying in my bed after getting home from work. I was just playing; I got a couple of free spins. Won some money, a hundred bucks and I was like, "Oh ok!" Shortly after that, I got a spin on the jackpot the $10 one. Oh well, that was cool, let me see if I can do it again. I kept playing and playing and playing. Popped up later, maybe an hour or so later and then boom, got the big one.

Do you have any tips or tricks you would give other players if they want to win the jackpot like you?

Just keep on trying. That's it. Just keep on trying, and it'll happen. It did for me.

Use the free spins maybe?

Yeah, use the promotions. Start with the 30% or 100% bonus or whatever that's what got me into the playing. Take advantage of the promotions.

Would you recommend Zodiac Casino to other people?

Yeah, it's fun - fun and good times. The possibilities of winning are great!

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