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May I ask you how you feel after such a big win?

Stunned! 😔. I was so excited!

I can imagine! You still have a pretty amazing win in pending :) Were you playing for a particular reason that day? How come you decided to play?

I wanted some excitement!

That's a good way to get it!

For sure!

I can see you have multiple accounts from the Casino Rewards group. In which one did you hit the big win?

Zodiac was the best. And I also got the best rewards in bonus money.

Thanks for that. What do you enjoy the most about Zodiac Casino?

Your chats are quick to respond but I just like that game right now because I know what I need to get and how much I'll win! And it's easy to select your bet.

Sounds great :) Do you remember the name of the game you won at?

Dragons Myth. I LOVE IT.

It is such a nice game! One of my favourites, I have to say. What is it about this game that you enjoy the most?

I love the Free Spins with fixed wild cards

I couldn't agree more! What happened when you placed the winning bet? Do you remember the combination of the symbols that was on your screen?

Wildlife cards and blue dragons. It's also good to get the regular wild card with it.

By any chance did you take a screenshot of the winning bet?

No, but I had multiple huge wins with each spin. I should do that next time.

I love doing it, always reminds me of good memories :) Who did you tell first? What was their reaction?

My friend. She didn't believe me at first!

The good news is it is all real!! Do you have any plans on how to use your winnings?

On my car!

I am glad this money will help you feel more comfortable.

Hopefully I'll win on those free spins that you give me.

I will cross my fingers for you! And even my toes!

Lol, me too.

Do you have any tips or tricks to share with our players?

Bet big if you can!

One last question for you: could you please complete this sentence for me? "Zodiac Casino... "


I couldn't agree more! And we are so thrilled for you!!

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