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Over the moon doesn't come close to what I felt once I pressed the withdraw button! My friends say they have never met anyone as lucky as me (trust me not all the time). What I do know is that God is on my side and he is obviously shining a path for me.

Why do I play Blackjack? Because it's simple and quick; double or nothing! I always believe in life that you have to risk big to win big. My initial reaction to my win was that I couldn't believe I had done it again!

How am I spending the winnings? Well it's not even in my account yet and the partner has made a list of what she wants! Ha! I don't know yet! I just know it will help us to have a nice life!

To all the other players, never doubt yourself; believe in what you do no matter what the risk behind it. These may seem like strong words for gambling but it's a way of life and sometimes brings you good luck like this!

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