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So I'm sitting in my garage having a smoke and playing slots on my phone. I've been playing slots for years. But anyway - I'm sitting out there playing slots and get a bonus. I finish the bonus, and I did really well, and then about three spins later I realize that I'm actually playing at Zodiac - a REAL casino. My heart skips a beat, and my first thought was NO WAY - IMPOSSIBLE.

I follow the instructions on how to withdraw my money. I don't want to tell anyone even though I'm bursting at the seams. But let me tell you - this was no joke. A couple of days later Max contacted me. He wanted to ensure me that this is REAL - I DID WIN!

I don't know what to do now. I've never been this lucky in my life. So I finally tell my husband and my kids. They were all like, "OK sure". Then I got my winnings; I can't tell you how exciting this was.

THANK YOU ZODIAC CASINO - you actually change lives and it's so much fun in the process!

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