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Omg the excitement of winning CA$12,000 off CA$50, it's like...unimaginable! My heart was racing so badly. I have never made bets like that on Blackjack in my life. Blackjack is a rush like nothing else. I did well - I set myself a limit and stuck to it and ended up pulling out CA$12,000!

How will you be celebrating your win today?

I plan on having a few beers with my cousin. Then I'm going to spend some money at the Mall because I know what's coming ;)

What do you enjoy most about playing at Casino Action?

It's quick and works well on handheld devices. I have an iPhone and really enjoyed how user-friendly it was.

The thing I like best about Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Gold is simply the game itself - I prefer to play single deck Blackjack.

Why did you choose to play that day?

Not really any specific reason why I was playing that day. I honestly kind of got ripped off on the last vehicle I bought and the transmission needs to be done; problem solved thanks to you guys ;)

What happened when you placed the winning bet?

Do I remember the combination of symbols that was on my screen? I remember BLACKJACK!!!!!

Who did you tell first and what was their reaction?

My cousin. When I told him that I had won over CA$4,000, he told me to cash out, BUT I kept going and oh my!!!

Do you have any plans on how to use your winnings?

Yes, fix my car as I need new wheels for it.

What would you say to your other players? Any tips or tricks?

Yeah sure - max bet ha-ha!

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